LCH has developed a novel enclosure geometry, producing a new waveform architecture that acoustically amplifies the bass waves. The result is a subwoofer capable of delivering high fidelity lower octaves that intrinsically blend with your existing loudspeakers.

Based on their patent pending dual-horn compression chamber or DHCC™ technology, LCH Audio subwoofers deliver an unparalleled bass response for the listener.

While others in the audio industry abandoned the enclosure geometry in pursuit of driver perfection, LCH made the enclosure geometric design a central focus. The DHCC™ enclosure delivers more decibels per cc than any other subwoofer in its class.

The B1610 is made with the precision of an orchestral instrument, intricately constructed using only superior components, sustainable engineered wood panels, premium exotic veneers and with sculpted natural cork horns.

Having the ability to recreate the bottom octave with amazing detail and authority,  and blend seemlessly with your existing speakers, the B1610 can transform any modest speaker system into a world class performer.

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