Selekt DSM: Edition Hub is an all-new, luxurious and superior-quality enclosure option; offering a premium

platform for customers to build their ideal Selekt DSM around.


Edition Hub is a superior-quality enclosure, featuring an all-machined construction for improved rigidity, interior isolation, and elevated aesthetic appeal — with sleek sight lines, concealed joins and understated luxury at the fore.


The Edition Hub chassis consists of four plates, rigidly bolted together. The side pieces are flawlessly aligned with the base using pins, with four long bolts subsequently torqued-in for an exceptionally rigid fix, with a pleasing, precision fit and finish.


Edition Hub features, as standard, Linn’s all-new, ceptionally efficient, highly responsive, and precision-regulated power supply design – Utopik.


The breathtaking performance of Linn’s entirely homegrown, flagship DAC, Organik, is now available for every Selekt DSM in both a stereo and higher-performing dual-mono variant.


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